Sunday, May 24, 2015


Hubby and I Have a MotorHome!
Funny how that turned out, by the way, in that we were at this auction...and there was a motorhome there, along with other "stuff" my husband wanted to bid on--namely a tractor and a truck and a few assorted miscellany--
He asked me how much I would pay for the thing. I said,
"Not a dime over $8,000."
So we walked outside with all the other bidders. Hubby started things off with $5,000. I was shocked! HE WANTS A TRACTOR! I said to myself. WHY IS HE REALLY BIDDING ON THIS BEHEMOTH OF A CAR? A MOBILE HOME WANNABE?
The next thing I know, the bidding is over and we own a 37' motorhome.
So now, you see, there is planning to do, and places to go, people to see! She's already been on a maiden voyage--we drove to the parking lot at the St. Joseph Mercy Hospital and parked there while his mother had surgery (another story). We had things to do at home, and so we left, but ended up coming right back again, because
Well, as free as two people with a dog and two cats are concerned.
And what of those animals? We are hoping to take them with us on our adventures, but the cats are something of a questionable issue that needs resolution. When trips are short, they can stay home, but should the trip last longer, they might have to go with us, and while the dog is easy to take along, my cats are not car friendly--let alone motorhome. But you never know--they might surprise us. The biggest question is where to house them.

Oh, yeah. I had to back up 30 feet to get it all into the picture!
And so we are on our way. I had dinner, and I'm just about to head in to the hospital to see my mother-in-law. Food is on the stove waiting for hubby to return for dinner, and I have knitting (a sweater) going, which I'm on the sleeves, doing both at the same time.

Sorry about the lighting, but it's getting dark outside.
So, with that, I'm going to sign off for the moment. Update on my MIL tomorrow!

Friday, June 6, 2014

The Mini Marilyn

The Mini Marilyn. Posting because she is so cute!

There's more cuteness. Check out Instagram-theminimarilyn. I want to graphghan the one of her with the white dog. Very cute!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Blocking on Pop Bottles

Here they are! Lovely!

Deux Mitt

One mitt down, most of two mitt is done. Just need to work the thumb and finish off the ends, and then it's picture time!

Don't you just love it?

I got my eyeballs checked yesterday. Still no sign of diabetic retinopathy, and for that alone, I am thankful. Afterward, I ran around and picked up a few things...a shredder to shred all those documents that I should have been shredding for years--I am so far behind the times, it's just not even funny. So now, I can cross cut all my important documents that have names and account numbers on it, and not worry myself with the trash at the landfill.

Somehow, I can see a page of my credit card bill flying in the upper atmosphere, and landing somewhere in the Ukraine.

Hey, it could happen!

I have a slight headache from all the testing the ophthalmologist did. I think it's when they test the pressure on my eyeball, or perhaps when they do the part that dilates my eyes, but I always seem to get this headache afterwards, usually the next day.

But I WILL finish that last mitt. You can count on it.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

One Mitt Later

Here's the poop. I finished a mitt. Proof positive.

Friday, April 4, 2014


It's been so long since I posted, that it's almost like I'm beginning anew! This winter has been a horrible, depressing time. Snow everywhere, messy driving, too many appointments getting things into perspective, and the ever-present "wait for spring".

The wait has been long and hard, and winter is on the fast train out, but it doesn't really feel like Spring yet. I feel like the whole world is passing me by while I wait for Spring to finally come out of slumber. There are buds on the trees that I have been tossing mental images at...a command that says "turn GREEN for heaven's sake!" So far, the trees aren't listening.

The ground is still hard, but the frost is revealing itself in patches of heaved dirt here and there across the lawn. Or maybe that's just a mole finally able to come up for some air? Whatever it is, I can tell. Things are happening under the yellowed grass, but so far, not a hint of a new blade of grass or the green of the daffodils.

It's utterly smothering.

I've knit a ton, and crocheted, too, but in order to see that, you'll have to check out my wall on Facebook, which is where I posted them while sitting in my chair, relaxing. I rarely get to my "big machine" these days. When I do, it's to print something for JoAnn's. I've been teaching a lot, now that I'm working two stores. I've been productive.

Currently on the needles is a headband:

Now, I realize it's not much to look at NOW, but after I wash and dry it. Right now, I agree. It looks like a snake. It's just the stockinette stitch rolling in, and, because the yarn is acrylic, it might never unroll, but under stress (read that-around my head) it might just lay flat. It's a quick easy project, and won't take but a few more concentrated hours to finish and block. Finished piece will be posted on a future date, but given my track record of late, that could be next year....stay tuned.

The other project is a fingerless glove.

What you're seeing is the top half of the hand. I found the pattern on Craftsy. They are called Brooklyn Mitts. The color is true on my photo, gray and a blue gray, but the author of the pattern did the mitts in a peacock and blue, and the result was stunning. I thought it would be so pretty with some pearlized beads, and didn't realize that I wasn't getting the colors picked out for the picture on the pattern. I ordered the kit, and the pattern reads "gray and slate gray", and I thought, these aren't the same colors!!! Undaunted, I still cast on, but I'm seriously thinking about writing to Craftsy about this issue. Peacock is my color, and I was really expecting it. The gloves will be cute, yes. They will go with my spring coat, yes. But they are not the color I was hoping would arrive. Ah, well. Live and learn, right?

I've been doing some serious organizing of my craft room, which may turn into craft rooms if I can at all manage it. Here's a couple of pics of what is still left to do from the items still upstairs...

While this looks really disorganized, it really is organized, it just needs to be catalogued and entered into the database and taken downstairs. No, the cat watching the birdies at the feeder is not part of the craft room. No matter how badly she would love to be. By the way, she's sitting on top of the snake cage--just goes to show you how intensely afraid she is of snakes.

This pic is the laundry room table I turned into a helper table to organize smaller items. Contents are, (left to right) 2 wooden boxes (one is an antique) full of double pointed needles garnered from my Aunt-in-law's mother-in-law, some Pledge, a few miscellaneous papers that I wanted to save, the box from my recent purchase of an Iphone battery backup, a Sharpie, a boxed wooden puzzle of sheep from my friend, Linda with a small antique pincushion on it, a metal box overflowing with stuff that has to go in the boxes that were already taken downstairs, which is sitting on top of a handful of patterns and books that have to be catalogued when they are inter-leaved with the millions of patterns I have printed and purchased over the last, oh, 40 years or so.

I'm not going to show you the REAL craft room. At the moment, it consumes about 3 rooms since it's so disorganized. I have books and magazines spread out all over the kitchen downstairs, as it has the most sorting space. One bedroom has the lion's share of the fabric. The other room has the lion's share of the yarn and spinning.

Okay, I'm about tired, now! Obligatory picture of my cat, Chat.

And that's about all. Have a nice day! I'm off to knit with the girls!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Today, I have a dental appointment, and I'll be leaving at noon. I parked on the street, because it's cheaper than paying $6 for the paved lot across the street. It was a very cold walk to the office, and I still can't feel my knees a half hour later!

After today is done, I have only 3 days left in the month to work. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Everyone around here knows about it, but I've asked for things to remain quiet about it all, and so far, only one or two people have come around to talk with me about it. I suppose that they're surprised that I'm not jumping up and down about it--all things considered.

It's exciting and not exciting at the same time. It just feels like it's another day. Perhaps I'll feel differently on Friday. I just hope I don't spend the entire day crying about it.

Things I won't miss....

The work. It pains me to say, but I never dreamed I would spend my life pushing paper around, and never thought that I would spend the last few working days doing nothing but making copies and scans of copies. So I won't miss the work.

The parking downtown and walking to work in all types of weather. I am so happy to not have to make that trek anymore. No more rain, snow, sleet or heat. No more worry about slip, fall, break a hip. Nope. And no more paying for the parking--one of the biggest expenses of working downtown.

The drive in--oh yes. No more slippery roads in the winter. No more having to get up so early in the morning, unable to see the road in front of you. God has been good to me, and kept the deer out of my way all these years. The only one time I hit a deer was when it actually hit me.

No more alarm going off at 5:30am, nor snooze alarm set to wake me again at 6am to get off my sleepy, warm bed and get going. I'll probably get up early ANYWAY, but the fact that I don't HAVE TO is the biggest blessing of all, I think.

So what will I do with my days? Do you know that I haven't decided? Yes, I know that I will knit, sew, crochet and craft for the rest of my life, as long as God permits me to do so, and I will start spending time with friends and family again. I know that my local knitting group will be really happy to see me come back, and my Tuesday night knitting group still wants me to come spend time with them. Maybe I'll see if my sister would like to go with me sometime.

So you see, I do have some things planned, and of course, some options still left open to me, and as things move forward, perhaps a trip, perhaps a move away from this cold--if things go well and I'm able to save some money here and there, perhaps hubby will take me to Scotland, as I would love to go--as well as Jerusalem, Owahu and a dozen other places closer to home. The sky is wide open, and I hope it stays that way for a while.

I look forward to this new, exciting part of my life, and I intend to run to it with open arms and when I get to the end of the line, I'll run and jump and slide into home plate with the exclamation "WOW! What a ride!"